Well… Here we are, back to the normality.


It was too hard but i think i’m not too deep now so… i can go on back to live this life.

Truly i lost the way for a moment… a long moment he… and i was very out of my mind and lost of my track.

Now i am on sintony again ha… like the normallity of before i think, not the same thing but yes the same normallity, my normallity.

And i’m sorry for those bad things i did, i just want the best for you and not hurt you. I hope do it better henceforth <---(new word for me!)

So, this is the “come back” :)

P.D. I write this post in English because i want to improve my english people, so if i write something wrong tell me i really want to do it good. And sorry… but is my blog and i ruls!!.

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